Thursday, March 5, 2015

January 29, 2014
Began as a completely normal day in our family. I was preparing to leave the following morning for a Medical Mission Trip to Belize, Drue and the kids doing routine daily activities.  I dropped off Lauren and Blake at school and proceeded to travel to Gadsden for my job, and to meet nana which had made several casseroles for Drue and the kids to eat while I was gone.
On my way to Gadsden I received notification that there were some snow flurries in the area but no big deal, the weather forecasters didn't call for anything big just some flurries.  I met with nana picked up the food and we both agreed the snow had started falling faster and I should get back to Birmingham. As I drove to get on the interstate I  spoke with a neighbor that said in our town the roads were getting bad very quickly. Then I received a call from our daycare that picks Lauren and Blake up from school to say they can't get the vans out they are stuck. I am panicking because I am 60 miles away and I have no idea what is going on at home and the snow is now sticking to the road. I talk with Drue and find out the schools are getting out and we are scrambling to find people to pick up Lauren and Blake. Alexis was a new driver and we had instructed her to go straight home. In the mean time cell service was in and out. Little did we know it was because people were becoming stranded in the snow.  Drue and I make the decision to put Alexis back on the road to the school to get Blake because now I am not sure I can make it back to our town and Drue is stuck downtown.  Our neighbor picked up Lauren, and after 3 hours of in the car Alexis  picked up Blake and they are home safe. 
I made it to Drue's office and I was stuck for the night. We ended up having to spend the night in his office. Our Mission Trip was cancelled. The following day we attempted the long drive home. It was unbelievable at all the cars on the interstate that had been stuck all night. When we finally made it home it was time to play!  Here are a few of the pictures of us playing in the snow. Lauren is not with us because she was playing at the neighbors house. 

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